Fields of legal services

The field of legal services providing by our law firm includes complex legal consulting for Slovak and foreign investors in various transactions which take place in Slovak Republic. The main focus of the law firm is:

The commercial law and corporation law

  • incorporation, changes and winding up the companies
  • liquidations of companies their restructuring and revitalization
  • commercial contracts
  • representation in commercial – legal lawsuits
  • Consulting, complex solution and debts recovery
  • law of securities

Law of exchange

  • legal consulting in exchange
  • representation in exchange lawsuit

Legal audit, privatizations, acquisitions

  • active ensuring and access of foreign and Slovak investors into the companies
  • fusion, transformations, divides, acquisitions and other forms of transfer companies and their firms or autonomous entities of their property
  • legal audit including legal appreciation of chosen companies and defining legal relations for investors

Antitrust law and the law against unfair competition

  • legal consulting and representation in the field of antitrust law and the law against unfair competition
  • complex representation the clients in procedures conducting with the competent administrative body in the antitrust law and the law against unfair competition

Law of intellectual and industrial property

  • legal services including registration of rights to the subjects of industrial property and the services relating with protection of intellectual rights – copyright and the rights similar to the copyright
  • Other legal services e.g. registration of trade marks, brands, designs etc., help the clients to protect their business names, business secrets and know - how

Real estate law

  • complex legal services connecting with preparations of construction, financing and administration of buildings
  • complex legal services connection with the purchase, sale, retention, lease and other transactions related to the real estate
  • creating of contracts and statements
  • representation in lawsuits related to the real estate

Civil law

  • Consulting, complex solution and debts recovery
  • Legal remedies from contractual partners, insurance events etc.
  • creating of contracts
  • representation in lawsuits

Family law

  • divorces
  • alimony
  • restriction and extension of marital common property, liquidation and divide of marital common property after divorce

Criminal law

  • providing complex services of protection and defense client’s interests in criminal procedure
  • representation of victims in recovery of damages caused by crime

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