Profile of the Law Firm

The Law Firm ZAHRADNIK & Spol., is an independent Slovak law firm seated in Bratislava. We provide complete law services, especially in the field of commercial, civil, administrative and financial law, including the representation your lawsuit in the court.

The law firm was established at January 1st 2007 as another continue of long-time co-operation of our employees and collaborating attorneys. Law firm achieve significant experiences of providing legal services to the foreign and domicile clients and of the cooperation with the partner and other law firms, economic, financial and other advisors and experts. The members of our team obtain wide experiences during their education and foreign internships and by working in international prestige law firm.

Our clients know and appreciate our know-how based on idea of flexible and dynamic teams made up by domicile and sufficient number of foreign lawyers, who can reckon on our front and back office. The cooperation and communication with experts of other fields (as financial experts, investment bankers, tax and accounting experts, executors, notaries, patent representative, architects, engineers and developing experts) is certainty.

Related to creation of working teams involved to solving concrete issues, our firm chooses such members, who are able to fulfill the acquirements, needs and demands of our clients.

Our Law firm provides legal services in Slovak, Czech and English and German language.

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